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Published: 2021-01-01



Research Culture at IMDC

Prof. Dr. Naila Irum Hadi,
Chief Editor, Director Research & Development


The “Anti-aging” Enzyme Reversing Cognitive Decline

Mohammad Moeed

Fighting Hyperlipidemia

Noor-ul-Ain Irfan, , Palwasha Zamir

Effect on Sleep, Circadian Rhythm and Next Morning Alertness by Evening Use of Light Emitting Ereaders

Hassan Raza, Zahra Iqbal

Emergence of COVID-19 as a Pandemic and its Clinical Aspects

Aimen Ayaz

An Informative Review on COVID-19

Imran Zahid Shakoor, Ruhma Khan

Thrombosis Seen in Different Organs and Vessels of Patients with Covid-19

Muhammad Asher Javed, Saif Ali Qureshi

COVID-19 and Thrombotic Complications: Are We Ignoring Something?

Soma Siddique, Shaheer Ahmed

Coagulation Abnormalities and Relief for SARS COVID-19 Patients

Umar Mustafa

COVID-19 and Kawasaki Disease in Paediatrics

Saba Ijaz

Presentation of Meningoencephalitis in COVID-19 Patients

Syeda Minahal Kazmi

Effects of COVID-19 on Pregnancy: Precautionary Measures to be Taken

Areej Tasawar

COVID-19, Pregnancy, Ethnic Disparity and UK: What do we know?

Shaheer Ahmed, Soma Siddique

Cytokine Storm Pathogenesis and Treatment Strategies

Usman Zahid Shakoor, Muqadas Areej, Saba Zahid Shakoor, Izah Zahid Shakoor

The Incubation Period of Coronavirus Disease 2019 from Publicly Reported Confirmed Cases: Estimation and Application

M. Hassan Farooq

The Rationale of Using Anti-Inflammatory Drugs in Severe Cases of COVID-19

Zahra Iqbal, Hassan Raza

Covid-19 and Cytokine Storm: Role of Immunosupression

Syeda Umm-e-Abeeha Zaidi

Is Chloroquine/Hydroxychloroquine Effective in Treatment of COVID-19?

Noor ul Zuha

The COVID-19 Outbreak: Is Depression our Next Concern

Hafsa Atique

Antibody Dependent Disease Enhancement and the Covid-19 Vaccine: A Word of Caution

Kashif Rehman Khan

Biomarker Abnormalities Associated with Severe COVID-19

Palwasha Zamir

COVID-19 Brain damage

Iqra Shahbaz

Neurological Manifestations of Covid-19

Mohammad Ali Jawed

COVID and Herd Immunity: Is it Feasible?

Mian Muhammad Saad Irfan, Shehryar Javed, Saad Nasir

Unveiling New Pharmaceutical and Herbal Drugs to Treat Covid-19

Hareem Arif Khattak

Kawasaki like Hyperinflammatory Symptoms in Children with 2019 Novel Coronavirus Disease (COVID-19), an Emerging Concern

Yamnaa Kamran

Treatment of COVID-19

Saba Ijaz

Why COVID-19 Affects Males More than Females

Shehrin Zubair

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