Research Culture at IMDC

Prof. Dr. Naila Irum Hadi

Chief Editor, Director Research & Development

Promotion of research culture in an institution is the need of the hour, as it is pivotal for research excellence. Innovative curricula and interdisciplinary programs serve to develop scientific thinking and a questioning mind in the students. Undergraduate research is known to act as an effective pedagogical tool in achieving greater learning beyond traditional classroom settings, as well as bringing about keen participation in all campus-related intellectual activities.
Not just the students, but the faculty also benefits from undergraduate research participation as it is intellectually invigorating, leading to increased enthusiasm and improved teaching. Supervising undergraduate research is also an effective means of staying current in one’s field.
The institution benefits by supporting undergraduate research endeavors of its students as this enhances intellectual vitality of the organization, and attracts talented individuals to join the faculty, thereby improving the overall program.
Why not start thinking about research from today, keeping the following important points in mind:

1. Maintain research integrity

2. Uphold ethics

3. Follow standards and protocols

4. Seek expert advice (when needed)

5. Celebrate achievements

So, explore, test, experiment and conclude!


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