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In today’s world, it is becoming increasing difficult to catch up with the fast-developing knowledge, latest techniques and modern approaches to management of disease. A student of medicine has no choice, but to keep up with the momentum of newer modalities of understanding of disease and its treatment. At the same time, as the medical science is expanding, the student is at an advantage of access to modern literature with great ease, through internet. The latest books, research articles and the most modern techniques from any library in the world are only a click away from a student’s laptop. With the introduction of modern teaching modalities, the onus of teaching and learning is transferring to students’ shoulders. Therefore, today’s medical student is used to indulge in literature search and medical writing.

With this background under consideration, the Department of Research and Development, Islamabad Medical and Dental College has launched its first issue of a students’ scientific periodical, named “IMDC Students Spectrum”.

It is a pleasure for me to congratulate the R and D department, faculty members and students of IMDC on bringing out this valuable publication. Initially, it will be based on review articles on current subjects of medical importance. I foresee that at a later stage, it will gradually transform into a research journal, and will be a unique contribution towards medical literature.

Prof. Dr. Khalid Hassan


MBBS, MPhil Hematology, DCP

Prof. Dr. Khalid Hassan has been Principal for the 4 years and Professor & Head of Department of Pathology for the last 9 years at IMDC. Previously he has worked as Professor of Pathology at Azra Naheed Medical College (Lahore), PIMS (Islamabad) and Rawalpindi Medical College (Rawalpindi).

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