Passive Smoking

Bilal Ahmed

1st Year MBBS, Islamabad Medical and Dental College


It is a form of smoking when you inhale other people's smoke from their cigars, cigarettes and pipes. This can affect pregnant women. People with breathing problems, children are most prone to this disease. Passive smoking, in one sense, is far more dangerous than normal smoking. It may affect you more than a normal smoker. It is a serious disorder and may lead to certain diseases that smokers have.1

Allergic rhinitis

Allergic rhinitis is a common disease in children. It may become worse if people are exposed to passive smoking. Symptoms of this disease are nasal obstruction, itching etc. Passive smoking may cause increase in such a disease.2

Rheumatoid arthritis

Rheumatoid arthritis is a disease i.e. It is a type of disease in which our body cells get attacked by our own immune system. The risk of having rheumatoid arthritis in case of passive smoking is also possible in the same manner as for smokers.3

Family Smoking and TB

There is a proven evidence for relation between family smoking and TB in kids. The kids are prone to having TB if there is family smoking. This suggests that smoking is hazardous not only for adults but for children as well and could lead to certain diseases like TB. The longer there is family smoking, the longer there is a chance for a kid to suffer smoking, the longer there is a chance for a kid to suffer from certain lung diseases.4


People should be aware about passive smoking. It is a form of smoking that many people are exposed to, but only a few know about this type of smoking. We must start awareness campaigns so that people might get aware of this type of smoking and the diseases it can lead to. Awareness campaigns are very important so that people are well informed about passive smoking.5


Keeping in mind the increased rate of passive smoking and its effects on health, it is necessary to reduce smoking rate and take all the necessary steps that are possible to reduce this form of smoking.6

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