Practice of AI in Research; an Innovative Approach

Dr. Sadia Mubarak

Associate Professor Physiology

Fostering the inquisitive minds of medical students by engaging in scientific writing is the first step to learning advanced writing skills. Student’s spectrum of IM&DC is a platform to introduce our newbie students to research horizons. Research domains are evolving at a futuristic and unprecedented rate with the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI). AI can augment, assist, and revolutionize the traditions of research conduct and writing.1
AI can be used in filtering and reviewing related scientific papers, comprehending academic writings, entering and analysis of data, and even summarizing key findings.
Semantic search with accurate use of AI search engines makes it read the paper and give the summary. It helps in creating accurate citations, paraphrasing, and proofreading as well as provides Grammar and style suggestions.2 Avast transformation in the academic world occurred in the last few years using AI as a resource of streamlining literature search, supercharging data, and improving academic writing. We encourage our students to use and learn AI as futuristic researchers. So, let’s learn with the wind and recognize how to deploy the AI tool in research!3

Volume 5

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Dr Sadia Mubarak