Treatment of Asthma

Hizza Khanum

1st Year MBBS, Islamabad Medical and Dental College

The asthma pathogenesis is very usually complex, and also the surrounding factors are considered to be the key element leading to asthma. One of the most significant factors that leads to asthma is the body weight abnormality that activates the allergies associated with asthma. Large number of inflammatory cells insinuate into mucosa of air passageway and results in release of inflammatory substance that leads to the consequence of cell death of epithelial lining of air passageway.1 Antileukotrienes is considered to be the most advanced therapy of asthma. Both the spontaneous and induced types of asthma can be beneficially treated by leukotrienes inhibition. The consequences obtained clarifies that leukotrienes are the best mediators of asthmatic response inspired results have been obtained in the clinical trials but is limited for optimal clinical usage.2
Asthma is known as chronic childhood disease. Conventionally, it is observed in children with family history of asthma. Later, the symptoms are aggravated due to allergies, smoke and poor air quality. Recurrent symptoms of wheezing and coughing are observed in children in the beginning at few months of age. But at this young age the subject cannot be diagnosed with certainty as a clinical diagnosis of asthma can be made at the age of 5 with certainity.3
Asthma affects people worldwide. Cough, shortness of breath, and wheezing are the commonly observed symptoms in asthma patient. This impact and disturbs the normal life of a person. Dupilumab is authorized for use as a treatment of oral steroid dependent asthma in children with age of 12 or even older when asthma becomes uncontrollable with routine medicines. 4 Thus, to have a constant control over asthma, it is considered significant to check all the environmental conditions and the factors that can activate asthma attacks. Treatment involves the prevention of constriction of airflow. Consequently, to achieve control of asthma, it is considered beneficial to check the surroundings of affected person. Other significant point that can be brought into consideration is ensurance of physician -patient collaboration that leads to success in a long run.5

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